About the Website

This website is a work-in-progress.

We have several objectives:

  1. Make our Bible Study and Sermon content available to people around the world
  2. Keep members of Faith Lutheran Church up-to-date on events and opportunities
  3. Give local visitors information about where we are located and what we are about
  4. Provide ways to engage and resources to support you in your faith

If you are a member of Faith Lutheran Church, or are local to Southern California, you will probably find the "Congregation" section of the site most helpful.  You can get to this section with one click, or you can bookmark this URL directly: https://new.faithcapo.com/congregation

Many of the visitors to our site are not local.  For this reason, we have chosen to keep the first page of this site focused on teaching and sermon content that is relevant to all visitors--members and non-members alike.

Our website and media team is happy to hear your suggestions, criticisms, and complaints.  We are volunteers working hard to do what we thing is best, and sometimes we have conflicting desires and requirements to work through.  That said, we'll do our best to incorporate your ideas as we are able.

If you desire to get involved with our website and media team, please let us know.  We gladly welcome fellow workers