Voter's Meeting

Sunday, April 7 at 12:00 p.m. in Agape Hall

Lunch will be provided.

All members of FLC should plan attend the voter’s meeting in April.

In association with the Pacific Southwest District of the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod, the Faith Lutheran Church Call Committee has determined that, in accordance with district guidelines and the FLC constitution and bylaws, an agenda item will be added to the April voter's meeting. This agenda item is to discuss and vote regarding the change of Pastor Rhode's title from "Associate Pastor" to "Sole Pastor" which according to the district, is the approved, appropriate title for the pastor of a church with one pastor. 

The call committee was appointed by the church council and consists of the church vice president (chair) and the four elders listed below. The structure of the call committee is dictated by the church constitution. 

The call committee members are Vice President Phil Hoskins, and Elders: Barry Vaniel, Bob Elwell, Stephen Manz, and Pat Wiley.